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Rob Bots – Business Coach

Online Coaching (English)

Rob Bots is a trainer and business coach and specialised in online coaching. He was born in Holland, lived in Hong Kong and now resides in Germany. He has over 30 years experience in supporting, motivating and developing people. Rob is training and coaching  managers all over Europe in the Dutch, English and German language.

He has a good experience in Online Coaching Sessions with „GoToMeeting“ from Citrix – a professional software tool in HD-Quality. This feature works on a desk top pc, note book, iPhone and IPad. The connection is VoIP.

He has a passion to encourage managers to re-discover the people side of their leadership role, so that they become equipped for their challenges in the global business world of today.


Counselling School in England
Communication Skills and Interviewing Skills for Leaders

– „The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“ from Stephen R. Covey
– „The 4 Roles of Leadership“ from Franklin Covey
– „Everything DiSC“ from Inscape Publishing

Worked with global companies inthe following branches; Industrie, Technology, IT and Health Care.

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Working in Europe

Rob has recently been working in the following countries:

Netherlands / Belgium
Germany / Austria / Switzerland
England / Ireland
France / Spain / Italy
Hungary / Poland


We are using the professional HD Webcam

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